I want the cheapest driving instructor I can possibly find!


 As the old saying goes, "Pay Cheap - Pay Twice".........A highly-trained, skilled, reliable and well qualified driving instructor doesn't have to slash his or her prices to find pupils. Learning to drive is expensive,    but it's an essential skill for life not just passing the driving test and it's important that you're taught the correct way at your pace of learning from the start. Experience shows that when you're not taught the correct way, you need a lot more lessons to get through your test - and that really does cost money!.

"Pay Cheap - Pay Twice"

As we run offers from time to time please contact us for a price for your area.

If we do not answer your call it is because we are busy teaching and as you will be aware it is illegal to use a mobile device while driving so PLEASE leave a short message or text with your contact details and we will call you back at the earliest opportunity to discuss any questions you may have.


Why Lancashire Learners Excelerate -  Recommends 2 hour lessons!


Well speaking from experience when we were learning to drive, one hour was never enough because as soon as you got in the car the clock was ticking.  There has to be discussion of the lesson plan for that day and to re-cap what you achieved last lesson, both planning and re-cap should take roughly fifteen minutes each, this then leaves  one and a half hours on the road doing what you are paying us for.............. "learning to drive".

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