Lancashire Learners

What age can I start to learn to drive?

The earliest date your provisional licence can become valid is your 17th Birthday, however you can apply for your licence up to three months before your 17th Birthday.  Also bear in mind that you cannot take your test until you have completed your theory test which again may not be taken until your 17th Birthday.  There is nothing to stop you learning all your theory of driving before your 17 so try and get a head start to take the pressure off you studying and learning to drive at the same time. Also passing your theory as soon as you can will make more sense of road signs, hazard perception etc when you get behind the wheel.


For more information on applying for your provisional licence please click on the 17th Birthday card on the right

Rules for Learner Drivers

Before you can start to learn to drive, you must:



The importance of starting to learn to drive with and instructor from the outset is to learn safe driving practices doing this early in your driving life will prevent bad habits forming which if repeated over a long period of time you will find hard to break.  "Learing for Life" not just to past your test will improve the safety of yourself and other road users.


Later on when your instructor feels that extra practice of driving skills you have learned will be invaluable, but you need to make sure at all times you have an accompanying driver who is over the age of 21 years and must hold a valid full driving licence, in the relevant vehicle category for three years.


As a learner you must display at all times when you are driving under instruction 'L' plates which are in a visible position on the front and rear of the vehicle you are driving.


Disability Living Allowance

If you are receiving disability living allowance at the higher rate your provisional licence will come into effect when you are 16 years old, but you can only apply for it within three months of your 16th Birthday.