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Making up your mind on who to choose as your driving instructor is a big decision.  So why not read below and see a selection of pupils we have taught to drive and see what they have to say.  Then give us a quick call to answer any further questions you may have.

Louise was always really accommodating with lesson times, extremely helpful and encouraging. Learning to drive was really hard,but Louise always found ways to help me deal with nerves and building up my confidence so I was able to pass my test.

Louise is direct but very funny, she is laid back very easy going and easy to talk to. I consider her a friend with a very good heart, she is very professional.

Louise is a laugh, goes through it with you gradually. She is patient and uses methods to explain things to you, she also provides DVD's, leaflets etc.

I really enjoyed learning to drive with Den, as from the start to finish he was very organised, patient, explained everything thoroughly, ensuring that each stage had been covered before moving on to the next stage. As a result I passed first time (with zero driving faults) and would recommend Den for any first time driver looking for a good driving instructor. In addition to passing my test I decided to take the ' Pass Plus' course and again found this very enjoyable and it also introduced me to motorway driving and the pass certificate rewarded me with a discount on my car insurance. Thanks Den

I’ve really enjoyed learning to drive with Den; he was patient, funny and always managed to put me at ease. He was extremely easy to talk to and gave constructive criticism when needed. I would highly recommend Den to all my friends, with everything that he’s helped me with over the previous months.

Lancashire Learners not only offer the practical aspects of driving but the theory behind it. The lessons always refer to information pack you receive, which helps you understand the manoeuvres and recap lessons during private practice in your own car.
Den makes you feel at ease straight away with his friendly and patient approach. The 2 hour lessons gives sufficient time to cover all the aspects of the test, while also happy to answer questions and concerns which I had.
I would highly recommend Lancashire Learners to any learner driver, whether it is your first time behind the wheel or not. I would like to thank den for all his support and experience throughout my lessons. PASSED FIRST ATTEMPT!

Fantastic instructor from start to finish, has been a great experience. Den has had to put up with my nerves and anxiousness, but he has completely changed that. I would 110% recommend to anyone & everyone.

I liked that the lessons we well structured and fun. Den was a pleasure to drive with and a fantastic instructor, worth every penny!I would recommend Lancashire Learners to anybody learning to drive because they are a pleasure to learn with and the only reason I passed.

I liked what Lancashire Learners provided as they are friendly,professional and knowledgeable. The training is through and informative and very easy to understand with the learner sheets he provides invaluable to look back upon between lessons. The vehicles are of a fantastic standard and easy to learn in with a "forgiving" clutch. Thank you for my experience and getting me through the test with a CLEAN SHEET NO FAULTS.

Den was very thorough in what he said driving wise. He was very patient with me when I was getting stressed. I would recommend Lancashire Learners to my family and friends because he is very patient and he knows what he is doing. Thank You Den forbeing a VERY patient driving instructor.

What I Liked: Friendly, Organised with the pupil folder and marking sheet was great for tracking progress and targeting which areas needed improvement. Informal- didn't make me feel nervous, very patient. Challenged me to do better and very understanding of my individual needs and adapted lessons to suit me.
Why I would recommend: Tailors lessons to suite the individual needs of pupils. Friendly and understanding, never loses his temper no matter how dense you are being. Great value for money. den is willing to go the extra mile to help you pass and feel confident to get driving. Ta Den

I was very nervous about starting my driving lessons but when I met Den and he came to my house and we spoke I felt a lot more at ease and eager to start. Den understood my driving was sometimes good but sometimes not so good, depending on my mood that day and he always spoke to me and pushed my to be the best I could be. Den also took the time to go through the theory/hazard perception test which was a great help. I never thought I could pass my test, I did and I feel I have achieved a huge achievement in my life and it has given me the confidence. I will and have recommended Lancashire Learners to friends and family. Thank you for everything.

I found my experience with Den a positive one as he was very calm in my first lesson which can be very nerve racking. I found it very easy to learn from his methods and he made you feel like a pupil learning their way instead of some driving instructors who many only see you as a pay packet. It was friendly atmosphere to learn your new skills as a driver. I would highly recommend Lancashire Learners to friends, family and even strangers.

Brilliant instructor. Always straight forward and certainly cares about each and every one of his students. I would recommend him to everyone. Cheers Den.

I very much enjoyed learning to drive with Den. He was very honest, he would tell you where you went wrong and help me to correct it, but at the same time wasn't too serious. He would ask you about your day and you could have a laugh with him, and he would tell you when you had done something well. the way Den went through each lesson was examiner-like, which meant there were no nasty surprises on test day! At the end of every lesson we would asses how I did which meant I left knowing what I needed to do next lesson to improve my driving and prepare for my test. I would definitely recommend Den & Lancashire Learners to my friends and family and anyone else learning to drive.PASSED FIRST TIME CLEAN SHEET NO FAULTS!!

Very friendly and patient and helpful. The learner driver folder helped keep everything fresh in my mind and made private practice more productive. Den always asked what I wanted to do in a lesson meaning the time was spent doing things that needed looking at rather than trying to do everything all at once. Scoring sheet filled out every week (1-5 ratings) helped me see an improvement on what needed work, added to the confidence too as you know you can do it. Good having things step by step makes it easier to learn e.g Manoeuvres.

Firstly I liked having 2 hour lessons as this enabled me to progress more quickly than I would have done with 1 hour lessons.Secondly, I liked how Den likes the pupil to answer the questions and did what they feel they needed to do to develop in the lessons. I found this very beneficial and also only book your test when you feel confident and ready.

I'm so glad I went with Den. After every lesson I'd go home and feel as though I've learnt something. Excellent value for money! not only were his lessons practical, he helped me grow in confidence and his people skills are fabulous. he made me feel at ease, safe and like I Belonged on the road. Not only a great driving instructor but a nice friendly person too. 100% recommend.

Over the course of my driving lessons Den was very helpful, he answered all questions whether they were necessary or not making the progress much easier to understand. He had patience when it came to learning, if I had trouble doing something he had no problem going over it again.Along with this he was as eager as me to pass, so was pushing me & motivating me all the time. I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor. Very reliable and supportive driving instructor.

Den was patient and considerate, issued clear instructions and constantly checked back with me to determine how I felt about my progress to ensure I felt in control of my own pace of learning. I would happily recommend Lancashire Learners to friends and family. Thank you for everything (Passed with no driving faults)

Den is patient, kind, funny, always on hand with tissues and a great teacher. His patience with me was amazing even when I didn't make it easy for him. I have recommended him to friends because he is fair and his teaching is easy to follow and you can have a laugh. Thanks for everything Den
I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning with Den, as his teachings converted me from being quite reluctant towards driving to being keen & avid about it.Den's teaching was professional & it became easier to gain confidence in driving as lessons progressed. His character is very self motivating and is easy to like, giving me pleasure in recommending him to me fellow peers who are keen to learn. Having passed & now on the road, I see myself as a safe & confident driver. He is a very good instructor
Easy to talk to & ask questions if you don't understand. Always had a good chat & Den always put me at ease. As parents, we had every confidence in Den. We were really impressed by his professionalism and easy manner with both our Children. They both felt at ease with him. Den also gave us confidence as how to help their driving. We recommend him & Lancashire Learners without hesitation. A very big thank you from us. (Both Passed 1st time)
A DAVIES - GARSTANG In summary: Relaxed / Calm, Constructive Criticism, Fair, Knowledgeable, Flexible Times, Helpful, Thorough, Supportive & Understanding different learning types. (Passed 1st time)
M GEORGIE (GARSTANG) I liked that I could ask Den any question, big or small, and he would make sure to explain it so I understood properly. I will miss talking to him as we drive. (Passed 2nd time)
I would recommend Den to all my friends,he has helped me achieve so much since January. From being with previous driving instructors I have found Den the best. He helps you build your confidence and even helps you when you feel a little bit "stupid". Iv'e learnt more than to drive, but to think about the more important things and not to over think!!Thanks Den! (1 minor, first time pass)
I liked that I was taught to a high standard, and not just to pass my test. I now feel confident on the road thanks to this. Den was a lot cheaper than other driving instructors and the lesson sheets were very helpful (1st time pass 1 minor)
EMMA WILLSHAW  - CATTERALL - I was first interested in Lancashire Learners due to the fantastic value for money and the fact that so many of my friends also recommended them. Den was the perfect driving instructor making me feel comfortable and welcome from the word go. Although it was a difficult journey as I am a slow learner to say the least Den was always patient and offered a shoulder to cry on when everything went wrong. Nevertheless, after passing a few mile stones I passed first time and feel like I couldn't be a safer drive. This was all down to Den and his catch phrases which I will never forget. Each and every lesson was worth while and I always looked forward to the next, I will miss "minty" the Polo and Den's smiley face pulling up outside. Thank you (Passed 1st time)
DAN CROSS  - CATTERALL - I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Den. In my opinion he is a fantastic instructor which was recently backed up with his recent ADI check test grading; which I had the pleasure of driving for him. We always had a good laugh when on lessons and I would thoroughly recommend him. Cheers Den, Dan. (Passed first time with no driving faults)
Den is friendly and very easy to get on with. You will get taught everything in great detail so you never forget. The 2 hour lessons mean more can be done and you get to practice for longer. You don't get rushed to take your test, do it when you’re ready and comfortable to take it. (passed 2nd time)
I really enjoyed learning to drive with Den because every lesson I felt I was making progress to become a better and safer driver. Having two hour lessons was great as you wouldn't be able to achieve everything you wanted from the lesson in just one hour. It is only due to Den's super teaching that I passed my test with just one driving fault. I would definitely recommend learning to drive with Den and can't wait to do my Pass Plus with him.
KATIE HUTTON -  CATTERALL - Den never lost his temper no matter how many mistakes I made, he taught concisely and was very supportive.  I would recommend him to friends because he is a good teacher but also very good company and answers any questions no matter how silly they may seem. (Passed 1st time)
Den had a very professional and relaxed approach to teaching. If I had any questions he would tell me exactly what I needed to know. I felt very confident and looked forward to my driving lessons, and would definitely recommend Lancashire Learners to anyone thinking about learning to drive.(Passed 1st time with NO driving faults) 
I would recommend Lancashire Learners because they provide a reliable and safe service. With Den being a helpful, patient and clam driving instructor. He always pushed me to do my best. I will miss my lessons and also Den's humour. Thank you Den (Passed 2nd time)
I would recommend you to all my friends and family because having previous lessons with a different driving instructor, I found you cheaper, friendlier and a better teacher (passed 1st time) 
I liked the fact that the lessons were 2 hours long, this meant that you can get a lot of practice in those lessons. I also liked the fact that Den would give help when it was needed and would tell you what he thought to improve, and not try to get past on subjects saying that it was good enough. I would recommend Lancashire Learners School because they build a trusting relationship with their pupils, and this builds up the pupils confidence.(Passed 1st time)
I have great pleasure in recommending Louise of Lancashire Learners to friends and family for her pleasant way she put over her obvious driving skills and experience. She made me feel confident in my own driving. This helped enormously in driving for the first time in the USA - great experience!!!! Thank you again Louise 
I liked Lancashire Learners as it was a professional company and every lesson was always enjoyable as Louise was very welcoming and easy to talk to. I would recommend Lancashire Learners because they helped me to pass by my target date and provided a top class service 
The thing I like about Louise most, was she had confidence in me at all times, which motivated me to do my best in passing me driving test. I would definitely recommend Lancashire Learners because Louise is very friendly and patient. She will help in anyway possible. 
Driving can be a very daunting experience as I remember my 1st lesson, how nervous I was, thinking I would crash or run someone over..... but Den was there he kept me calm and built up my confidence, he helped me with any issues I had.I enjoyed learning with L/Learners. When I look back to how I was, the feeling of being able to drive is amazing, I have confidence in my driving. I highly recommend Lancashire Learners for anyone learning how to drive professionally, safely & to a high standard (Passed 1st time)
Calm & Sensible, but mainly a good laugh. Den got me through my driving test & Pass Plus without taking advantage of my wallet. I would recommend Lancashire Learners also because the hours are very lenient regards the lesson times. 
Choosing the right driving instructor is a big decision to make & I'm very glad I chose Den as my instructor. Every Friday I looked forward to my driving lessons and I feel that enjoying your lessons is a key point in helping you pass your test. I felt Den pushed me to achieve what he knew I could do & built up my confidence on the road. I would highly recommend Lancashire Learners as your first choice. (Passed 2nd time)
Den was very calm & supportive, talked me through every aspect of my driving, listened to my concerns of my driving & assisted my through my driving test (passed 1st time with only 2 minor faults) Thanks (Passed 1st time)
S BLAKE     
Den put me at ease in my first lesson and taught me how to understand and correct faults in my driving as soon as they happened, other instructors just told me what to do without me understanding what I had done wrong. Den was always on time for the lessons. I made quicker progress learning than I had thought I would, I think because I was relaxed and enjoyed each lesson that was down to Den's relaxed but professional approach to teaching. If you want a good driving instructor give him a call. 

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